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SimpliShade™ Bulk Fill is easy to handle with low shrinkage stress and with SimpliShade™ Bulk Fill Flow we can reach every area of the tooth’s anatomy.



Beautiful restorations just got simpler, with SimpliShade™ Bulk Fill. You can skip the capping layer with a one-step placement and reduce inventory requirements with one shade for all 16 VITA® classical shades.

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StyleItaliano Clinical Indications
  • Class I-V restorations
  • direct placement of anterior and posterior restorations
  • core build-ups
  • repair of defects in restorations

Eliminate the need for a capping layer, complete restorations with a SingleFill™ composite. With its enhanced curing mechanism, SimpliShade Bulk Fill makes it easy to achieve polymerization depths up to 5mm in a single step.

Special nanofiller architecture mimics the natural enamel structure and interacts with light for virtually indistinguishable blending, for a One-shade System and Chameleon effect.

SimpliShade Bulk Fill has an adaptive Shrinkage Stress property that keeps your restorations stronger and long-lasting.

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Premolar restoration with SimpliShade Bulk Fill and Bulk Fill Flow

Prof Angelo Putignano styleitaliano founder
Clinical case by Prof Angelo Putignano

“Exceptional handling perfectly complements the Snow-plow restoration technique from StyleItaliano.”


This clinical case involves replacing two incongruous restorations. We employed a simple technique of breaking the wedge to insert the ring, ensuring a proper fit for the two sectional matrices. Finally, we completed the restorations using the Essential Lines technique.

Preparing the cavity for adhesion

After rinsing and drying for about as long as we etched, we put on some OptiBond Universal for adhesion.

Proximal buildup completed

For the last part of the adhesion protocol, we put on a thin layer of SimpliShade Bulk Fill Flow composite to cover and safeguard the hybrid layer and level the cavity floor. This let us rebuild all the interproximal walls, giving us two class I cavities to fill.

Filling the cavities

To finish filling the cavities, we used a single mass of bulk-fill composite (SimpliShade Bulk composite) for each one. After compacting and adjusting the material by removing any excess, we modeled the occlusal morphology and we drew the Essential lines

Finishing restorations

After adding characterizations, we used a Medium OptiDisc abrasive disc at low speed to finish the restorations.

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Achieve lifelike restorations with the next generation of clinically proven Adaptive Response Technology (ART) found in Harmonize™ and OptiShade Universal Composite. Powered by Enhanced Adaptive Response Technology, SimpliShade Bulk Fill offers easy handling and low shrinkage.



Reach every area of the tooth’s anatomy while saving time with SimpliShade Bulk Fill Flow. Requiring just one shade to match all 16 VITA® classical shades, SimpliShade Bulk Fill Flow easily adapts to the cavity floor — with exceptional durability and depth of cure.

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StyleItaliano Clinical Indications
  • base/liner under Class I and Class II direct restorations
  • pit and fissure sealant
  • restoration of small cavities
  • Class III and Class V restorations
  • blocking out undercuts
  • small core build-ups
  • repair of resin and acrylic provisional restorations

Fill every area of the tooth’s anatomy with a self-leveling bulk fill flowable that easily adapts to the cavity floor.

Simplify your workflow with just one step to cure up to 5 mm, before adding a capping layer.

The low polymerization-related shrinkage and shrinkage stress of SimpliShade Bulk fill Flow ensure long-lasting restorative results.

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StyleItaliano clinical cases

CLINICAL CASES SOLVED USING SimpliShade™ Bulk Fill or Bulk Fill Flow

Bulk flow for Snowplow

Vincenzo Tosco – 13 June 2024

Premolars with SimpliShade

Angelo Putignano – 10 May 2024