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Active Biosilicate technology

The patented tricalcium silicate technology developed according to Septodont’s state-of-the art pharmaceutical background applied to the high temperate ceramic mineral chemistry.

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Active Biosilicate Technology: A groundbreaking new technology for dentistry


To offer clinicians a technological platform of dental materials offering:

  • Optimal biocompatibility for the pulp and buccal tissues
  • Bioactivity to promote remineralization of dentine and preserve pulp vitality
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State-of-the art pharmaceutical manufacturing process

Septodont ensures a full control of the material synthesis to guarantee a reproducible high quality and high purity during manufacturing:
– Almost 100% purity (absence of any aluminate and calcium sulfate in the final product)
– Optimized and controlled micronisation
Septodont controls every steps of material processing, starting from pure raw material and ending with C3S as the main ingredient of its proprietary raw material.

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Bioactive dentine substitute


• Can be used whenever dentin is damaged
• For all your restorative procedures

Vital pulp therapy often means placing layers of different materials. With Biodentine™, only one material is used before final restoration. Place Biodentine from the pulp to the top regardless how deep is the cavity.

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Biodentine's properties

Place directly Biodentine
on the pulp

• Biodentine™ biocompatibility ensures high cell viability
• Biodentine™ is bioactive and promotes the pulp’s self healing capacity and the formation of dentin bridges
• In deep cavities, carious, iatrogenic and traumatic exposures: Biodentine™ helps you save the pulp

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Mineral Root Canal Sealer

BioRoot RCS

BioRoot RCS is the endodontic sealer based on tricalcic silicate materials benefiting from Active Biosilicate Technology. It is for permanent canal obturation bringing a real Paradigm Shift to the endodontic procedure.

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biodentine septodont style italiano
biodentine septodont style italiano

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septodont biodentine style italiano styleitaliano

Septodont Products and share your case on social media with us.