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ZEISS styleitaliano educational partner


A new StyleItaliano Educational Partner

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ZEISS supports StyleItaliano to teach interactively

EXTARO 300 for education from ZEISS at StyleItaliano Restorative Courses

Are you looking for an interactive teaching solution for dentistry training courses? EXTARO® 300 for education from ZEISS can support you to teach interactively breakthrough visualization capabilities.

With ZEISS EXTARO 300 for education, trainees can:
– Get a first hands-on experience under magnification
– Record their hands-on
– Get hands-out video or photo
– Share content easily

Come to our Restorative Courses and get your training experience with ZEISS EXTARO 300 for education for 4 days.

StyleItaliano Courses
Zeiss StyleItaliano restorative courses
ZEISS EXTARO 300 StyleItaliano style italiano ZEISS educational partner

Perfecting your art

ZEISS EXTARO 300 provides breakthrough visualization modes that introduce new applications to microdentistry. From more effective caries detection to a simpler tooth restoration workflow, ZEISS EXTARO 300 is poised to revolutionize and differentiate your practice.

Learn more about the key benefits of the latest ZEISS dental microscope.

ZEISS Dentistry

Peer Insights

Stay up-to-date with the latest clinical articles, studies and cases from your peers about the use of ZEISS technologies.

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Data management Zeiss Extaro 300
ZEISS Dentistry

Product Training

Take a sneak peak into expert videos and supporting documents on the usage and handling of ZEISS products.

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The medical technology business of ZEISS offers a comprehensive line of medical loupes and dental microscopes that make minute details and fine structures clearly visible in regions that are otherwise difficult to view. The latest ZEISS surgical microscope technology for microdentistry is poised to revolutionize and differentiate dental practices with Single-Handed Operation, Digital Patient Communication and Augmented Visualization. Breakthrough visualization modes introduce new applications to microdentistry, enabling dentists and dental surgeons to enhance the quality of examination and treatment – both functionally and aesthetically.

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